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Aqua Fitness

Aqua fitness is an easy to follow workout in the shallow part of the pool where we do exercises in the water. This has several advantages. The water provides resistance which improves your condition and strengthens your muscles. In addition, the impact on your joints in the water is minimal and the risk of injury is therefore a lot smaller than ‘on dry land’.

In our aqua fitness classes we offer a combination of aquagym, aquajogging and aquafitness. During the various exercises, arms, legs and upper body are trained and we work together on endurance, strength and flexibility.

Young or old, man or woman, aqua fitness is a guarantee for everyone that all your muscles work intensively at your own level for 45 minutes. Our classes are also suitable to perform during pregnancy, of course after positive advice from your obstetrician.

Finally, we think it is important that everyone enjoys our classes. That is why our instructors give the best of themselves to swinging music in every class.

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Location :
Pertokoan Anyar, Jl Raya Canggu No. 3

Contact person Administrator :
WA +62 878 0321 4693