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About Tropical Kids Bali

Every parent wants what is best for the child.
They want their kids to be active, confident, and independent. Well, what works the best?

Tropical Kids Bali was created to prevent kids from drowning by teaching them water safety and water familiarisation. Apart from building essential life skills, we give children the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically in a safe and structured environment.
Your child can creatively explore and practice skills safely while developing self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Endorsed by Royal lifesaving WA and SSI​​

Lesson Models

In our programs, not only do the kids have fun, but parents are usually the ones looking forward to the next class as they enjoy the experience, which will help develop a stronger bond between parents and their kids.

Tropical Kids Bali History

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In 2018 Tropical Kids Bali was founded by Sandra Mirolo. She is a trained and certified teacher of the ‘Royal Life Saving Australia’ program. Due to the pandemic she had to move back to Australia.

Priscilla Filippo-Go, who is from the Netherlands, took over the company from Sandra in July 2021. She has been passionate about swimming since she was 4 years old and has been a competitive athlete.

She has been teaching since the year 2000. She was convinced that her skills and passion for swimming could be helpful for the community. Priscilla is a certified SSI baby swim teacher and swim teacher level 1. With her background and training she can keep the quality of the lessons that Tropical Kids Bali provides on a high level.


We love swimming lessons. Plus, changes of schedule and communication is nice and easy. We took it when my son was 11 months at the time – and he ‘s always excited to do his Sunday morning classes. After just 3 sessions, he knows how to do submersion. Also, I love doing the classes with Ms. Ratih, she did a great job in communicating the rationale behind each activity in the pool to the parents. Thanks to her, my son is now able to hold his breath for 2 seconds under the water

Fun and effective, I give this Bali swimming class five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My toddler loved it! She was completely engaged by the activities and songs. More excited and interested in swimming by herself than before, she absolutely gained confidence and important pool safety smarts as well. It’s not only about exercising and learning how to swim. By participating in weekly group sessions, she connected with kids her age and her listening skills also improved. I’m grateful we had the chance to do this for a couple of sessions and I hope our schedule allows us to join again one day

Deja Kirkwood

I wish I had signed up my kids sooner with Tropical Kids! Admin and signing up was easy, friendly and informative. Thoroughly impressed with the care, attention and method of teaching.Even my daughter after the lesson said ‘Mom, I want to come back 50 million times!!

Maria Cheung