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Tropical Kids Bali Group Program

Sing & Play Class

Sing & Play Class

(3 to 6 months)

The “Sing & Play” class focuses on water familiarisation. A 30-minute class where infants can discover the world of water and parents or carers can learn how to introduce their child to the water in a safe and fun way.

Stages & Age Group Class

The different groups reflect infants, toddlers, and young children’s motor, cognitive, and social development. These recommended age groups are:


(7 month – 1 year old)

parents are in the water with the child

Stage 2: FROGS

(1.1 – 1.5 years old)

parents are in the water with the child

Stage 3: SEALS

(1.6 – 2 years old)

parents are in the water with the child


(2.1 – 2.5 years old)

parents are in the water with the child


(2.6 – 3 years old)

parents are in the water with the child

Stage 6: TURTLE

(Turtle 1: 3.1 – 4 year old)

(Turtle 2: 4.1 – 5 year old)

children in the water with only Instructors

Levels Class

(4-6 years old)

Tropical Kids Bali Swim and Survive program identifies 3 of the 16 critical stages in a child’s development. The lower stages focus on teaching efficient support and movement in the water. The higher stages include skill and knowledge in safety, survival, and rescue, all while developing a strong and effective swimming technique. Tropical Kids Bali offers the first 3 levels.

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level A+: 5 Year Old – 6 Year Old

Stage 1 — Beginner

Beginner is about safe entry and exit from the water.

Stage 2 — Water Discovery

Water Discovery is about being pulled to safety and the development of the freestyle stroke.

Stage 3 — Preliminary

Preliminary includes performing survival sculling on your back float and learning freestyle breathing.

kids swimming

Other Type Class

Private Class

Private classes are also available with Tropical Kids Bali at our venue or in your own home or other chosen venue. We can offer 1 to 1 lessons or small group sessions depending on your preference. For more information Contact Us.

private class
special needs

Special Needs Swimming Lesson

At Tropical Kids Bali, we believe swimming is a life skill every child needs. That’s why we provide private swimming lessons for children with unique needs.

Swimming has many benefits — including helping to prevent drowning (which is among the leading causes of death of kids with autism). The main goal is to let your child be comfortable in the water and have fun while learning new skills, with less risk of injury.

Before your child’s first swim lesson, we can discuss the customised plan and get to know your child’s abilities. You can even come in and meet the team. Have questions or want to learn more about our swim lessons for special needs children? Contact us

More Information About Our Programs

6 Aquatic Strands

Tropical Kids Bali Swim Courses are a comprehensive and balanced set of programs that provide experiences in six aquatic strands. These strands are consistent with the Swim & Survival Australian Program. The six strands are :

Within each of these six aquatic strands, six developmental stages have been outlined to assist instructors to monitor the progress of the child’s skill development and to provide recognition of these achievements.

6 aquatic strands

Swim and Survive programs

Swim and Survive is a swimming and water safety program that develops skills across the following areas: